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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wishin' we were Fishin'

Day jobs tend to get in the way of all the fun stuff we'd be doing if we didn't have to deal with the 9-5.  or (10-2 in my case) Given the opportunity, I'm sure we'd be out havin' fun in the great outdoors every single chance we got.

I came up with a few new products after our trip to the river for salmon fishing last weekend. I've got a few more photos to work with, but this week has been CRAZY and I haven't had much computer time. I'm missing the one-on-one time with my beloved laptop!

This  was taken at the mighty Fraser River, along a bar not already crammed with fisherman or strung with nets for aboriginal fisheries. Spring Salmon are starting to come through and while the restrictions are extremely tight by allowing only one  in a very narrow size range to be retained, the odd fisherman is able to catch one.

Sockeyes are also coming through this time of year, but due to drastic reductions in the number of returning fish, this salmon fishery is closed and all sockeye bycatch have to be released. (For the sport fisherman anyways) I'll refrain from ranting about the poaching, the drift nets run along the same bar where we are forced to use a single barbless hook, and  "ceremonial" catches sold off the back of a truck. I suppose by mentioning it I have begun a rant... but I'll bite my tongue.

We tried for two days (half days) and got a bite or two but didn't manage to catch any. Mr. Redneckhillbillies was the only one with a hook in the water though, since Kidlet and I wandered around enjoying the water and snapping photos of the amazingly beautiful scenery.

Like the majority of products that I make in both the CountryCorner and RedneckHillbillies stores, the saying can easily be changed, but I thought it worked well with the two front row seats.

Life is beautiful. Get out there and enjoy it!