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Friday, July 23, 2010

Herded by an Aussie

Getting tired of hearing about Australian Shepherds yet?


Great! Have I got a treat for you then! I've come up with a couple new designs using a different photo of our smiling Aussie, Blue.

Many owners of Australian Shepherds will know that they are bred to herd small animals. In the absence of said small animals they will resort to herding any smallish type creature, including young children. They will nudge them, circle them, creep along the ground, nip at heels, pantlegs or arms, and generally be a nuisance while they are puppies. Aussies are puppies for A LONG TIME! It does take a while for them to learn who and what to herd, even though they are the second smartest breed of dog next to Border Collies.

With that in mind, I came up with this toddler shirt. Of course, if you are still being herded around it can be changed to any size or style of T-shirt.

They don't only herd though - they love with so much enthusiasm that it's contagious! Wiggling butts and smiling faces go hand in hand with awesome doggie personalities. They dutifully warm a spot on the bed for us, nuzzle and hug us by bashing us with their big heads, look at us with loving big brown or blue eyes, and give us big sloppy kisses They love kids of all ages, so I came up with this one shown on a baby sleeper.

and since us grown up kids love Australian Shepherds sooooo much,