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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Not the color, our lovely little Australian Shepherd.

Have you heard the story of how she got her name? We had our baby girl "RED" and planned on getting a male, blue eyed, blue merle aussie as doggie number two which naturally would be named "Blue"

Red and Blue. Get it? No, we're actually NOT american. Although with all this rednecky stuff lately it does make PERFECT sense. We still need a white. Maybe a "Blanc"? French IS Canada's second language afterall.

We ended up with a small and runty Black tri-colored, brown eyed girl that got stuck with a masculine name. It's been amended with a dozen alternatives that are a little more girly like "Boo" or "Booboo baby" or "Blooober" She's the perfect dog for our family though and we love her to pieces.

Anyhow - since we take a bajillion (that's alot) of photos of our two lovelies (our dogs)... it's only natural that I would use a portrait of them now and then.

I made a few new business cards today for australian shepherd puppy breeders, or dog rescues, or agencies that place specific breeds perhaps. Guess who's photos I used?

ahhh, the title must have given it away.

Here is my darling Blooober Boo-Boo-Baby Blue.

I even got a couple shots of her playing in the snow. She has *alot* of hair (just visit my house in the summer months and it'll be obvious!)and can handle the cold weather for quite some time. She wasn't happy with little kidlet sledding down the hill in the backyard and ran alongside her trying to bite at her arms to save her from danger. I caught a tender moment between a child and a dog and really love this photo.

In the next one her paw pads are starting to freeze. Done outside! Time to go thaw by the toasty fireplace!