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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dogs. (wo)man's best friend

I love my two dogs. Some days I wonder how we ever managed without them! They love us unconditionally, staring up at us with loving eyes eager for a belly rub, a butt scratch, or a pat on the head. They wag their tails (or nubs if they lack tails) and play like puppies when excited, long after the puppy days.

I made a couple more business cards featuring dog #2, "Blue" since she's a purebred Australian Shepherd. She's a cutie, for sure! Our first dog Red is a mixed breed, or a mutt of unknown heritage so she doesn't get nearly as much attention on Zazzle  (although I think she's just as pretty)

Though I still think the first aussie business card I ever made pictured below is still the cutest :D  This one has  sold a couple times too which makes it just that-much-more special.