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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Classic Car Show

This past Saturday, the Big Chitlin and I moseyed on over to the downtown core of a nearby town for their annual classic car show. Rows of beautifully restored vintage vehicles were polished to perfection and on display for old car buffs.

We arrived later than we expected, and then had difficulty finding a place to park, so I only managed to snap a few dozen photos before the torrential downpour. Dressed in shorts and sandals, with a T-shirt and no way to keep my camera protected from the rain while shooting, we had no option but to leave early.

 I did take a few shots that I think turned out ok. They all need a little editing to remove the hordes of people that were milling around, (and shortly afterwards got soaked like we did!)

Here's the three I've done so far - shown on mousepads but they are available on multiple different products. I might buy one as a poster for our recroom. I think old cars kinda work with pinball machines and old advertising signs!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trucker Hats

For reasons I cannot explain, I seem to be getting alot of traffic from people looking for trucker hats. Yeah, I know right - TRUCKER hats!  Yuck, if you ask me!

Ugly, puffy retro looking things that are straight out of the 70's and require a mullet to wear them properly. *Shudder* The trucker hats I can deal with, mullets have to stay in the past thank you very much!

This morning I have been going through my zazzle image folder and adding some of the designs that I didn't use on hats just to see if they work.

With this one I altered the smaller text to include cow tipping, corn shucking, and skirt chasing. None of these are passtimes that I do per se, but I figured they might be more popular than toe tappin' and heel kickin' were on the original t-shirt design.

This morning I was browsing the forums and noticed a new post by a copycat advertising his/her new hillbilly t-shirt. Wouldn't ya know it - it was a cute little picture of a yellow chick, with "Hillbilly Chick" written on it.  Hmmm created by the same person who just yesterday said they'd checked out my store and I had some great stuff.

Deep breaths.

In.... Out..... Ok I feel a little better.

Good thing his/her design is not nearly as cute as my original version. *Sticking out my tongue!*

Perhaps it'll even bring more viewers to my product in the long run.

Anyhoo, I put this HICK CHICK graphic on a hat because for some reason I hadn't already done so.

One of my first designs, reworked to use a more grungy looking font, and without my website URL on it. I love how I can tell bellyachin whiners and grumbling complainers to quit bitching with strategically placed punctuation and symbols being used to help make it a little more acceptable. What foul language? What's wrong with an exclamation mark or a number sign? (wink wink)

...and of course I had to include my "Will Work for BEER" design, because at one time I did work for beer. Well (grumble grumble) that was before I wasn't allowed (moan and complain) to work for beer anymore because (roll eyes blah blah blah.)

Hmm maybe I should take another look at the quit your bitching hat again?!?!

Will work for BEER! hat
Will work for BEER! by RedneckHillbillies
Shop for a different trucker hat on zazzle

Next up is a fishing hat with that cute little cartoon style graphic, and the watery dripping letters that spell out Fish Whisperer. The perfect choice for the avid fishing nut like Bubba. Too bad he doesn't usually wear anything but plain earthy toned T-shirts and he already has a couple good fishing hats.

Maybe someday I'll get him a T-shirt with a small and discreet image on it . Or not. (shrug)

and lastly (for this morning anyways)  .. our lovely JimBob red angus calf, with text that can of course be customized but for now says Rodeo Cowgirl.

The copycat has another almost identical t-shirt up based on my "I'm surrounded by Rednecks" idea. Same colors and everything. Tsk Tsk. I guess I'm gonna have to put that on a hat and some other products too before the day is through!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Beer Again. There's never enough BEER.

I made another couple products that feature those lovely pale ales or lagers in the bottle that I thought would make you thirsty.

First is a business card with the Got Beer? image

Then I used those same beer bottles, along with a nifty graphic of a wine glass being filled with a nice red wine. A big, bold, well oaked Cabernet Sauvignon perhaps? More than likely a fruit forward merlot or shiraz.

Ah, the redneck in me says "Who cares. It's red wine and it's probably at least 13% alcohol."

I figured these would appeal to the U-brews and Homebrewing supplies stores, Cold beer and wine retail outlets, caterers, liquor serving courses and the like.

Tick Tock.

It's been so quiet in my Zazzle store today that I can hear the clock ticking!

We'll see what tomorrow brings :D

Beer! Beer! and more BEER!

I love my job.

I cook beer at the local U-brew brew your own type place in town for a few hours, two or three times a week.

I ain't there for the money, because it doesn't pay much and I could make more working with the Mr. or some days even at home clicking away at the computer.  I ain't there for the social aspect of it either, since I am a quiet, reserved type person that doesn't play well with others. Plus, I'm tucked away beside a cooler and behind stacks of merchandise so even if I wasn't completely anti-social the opportunity doesn't present itself often to interact with the beer drinkin folk.

I'm here for the beer!

I love the whole process of homebrewing. The smell of the malt and hops as they bubble together and meld perfectly in the copper kettles,  the bubbling, rising yeast that turns what looks like swamp water into pure magic. The fast pace of measuring ingredients, rinsing fermenters, and  managing four kettles to maintain a good boil in timed intervals keeps me HOPping.  It's a play job, and the fact that I don't need to be there but I choose to be there makes it much more enjoyable.  I like that.

Ales, Lagers, Pilsners... Mr. Redneck Hillbillies (aka Bubba) loves the crisp and refreshing light lagers the best.  I think he must be 98% beer, instead of water.

People might not like me, but they sure do like what I can do.   With the nicer weather finally here, more people are thinking it might be nice to have a few cold brews in the fridge for summer get togethers.

So that begs the question - Got BEER?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fishing Derby

We attended the Greg Clark Memorial annual northern pike minnow fishing derby on Father's Day weekend.
Mr. RedneckHillbillies and the Little Kidlet have gone for a few years now and always do well between the ticket draws and catch prizes.

This was the first year that I tagged along for the experience. Let me start off by saying that I have not fished since I was about kneehigh to a grasshopper. Ten, to be exact. So I was just happy to be out on the boat on the water, and learn how to cast the stupid fishing rod without tangling it all up. Once I got the hang of it, I got some much needed practice tying and retying and untying multiple different types of spoons and lures, bobbers and floats, and skewering wiggly worms on the end of a rusty hook.

The Mr. caught a beautiful trout which wriggled free before I could snap a photo. Sad, since that was the very first catch on the boat. Anyhow, with that first fish, the boat has been christened now, and the skunked curse has been lifted! :D

I snapped a few photos while there, some for our own photo CDs, and others for Zazzle.

Here's a couple items I put together this past week.

A cute little JRT x Tibetan spaniel named "Shiraz".

a bunch of smelly fish

and I still might try to work with a couple shots of boats and anchors later this week.

(oh, and btw - we didn't catch a single pike minnow which was the target fish. BUT the kids tickets both won us prizes. We ended up with two rods and reels, two salmon society reusuable shopping bags, a t-shirt, a pack of hockey cards, and a 10$ gift certificate to a steakhouse restaurant!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bubba Brain

I puttered away like a madwoman this morning on the computer, whipping my mouse into a frenzy and heating up the harddrive on this old laptop, working on a few new BUBBA designs.

The first - Bubba Tude

 I figure some folks got attitude, others got aptitude - us rednecks? Well.... we got Bubba Tude. Think of it as a backwoods hick attitude or a real strong ability to Bubba...nate. Ok that made no sense but work with me here.

Then I figured I'd try something a little different with the same components

and a third version that works better for the smaller items.

Halfway through working on those, I had THIS stuck in my head. So I slapped it on some hats, aprons, tshirts... you know, the usual!

Chubba Bubba hat
Chubba Bubba by RedneckHillbillies
Shop for a different trucker hat on zazzle

Then  I came up with this schazzy little concoction of chubbas, bubbas, and hubbas for dark shirts with the emphasis on the hubba hubbas ;p

Chubba Bubba shirt
Chubba Bubba by RedneckHillbillies
Shop the t-shirts section of zazzle

Then I had to snap out of Bubba Mode and get crackin' on real life day to day errands.

Got any idears on s'more  Bubba -ish sayins? Drop me a line!

Friday, June 18, 2010

All little girls love horses

At least I did.

I remember a few glorious happy afternoons as a child visiting an Uncle with my Dad and seeing the stables where he worked. Ah, how I long for those simple days now. The childhood game of making wishes on white horses, as we drove hither and thither around the countryside.

The two weeks at a summer camp where we got to ride twice a day was pure heaven. The smell of leather saddles, hay and horse sweat still imprinted in my memories.

I haven't ridden a horse in well over twenty years, and since I didn't ride especially well back then I should probably stay far from these beautiful and powerful animals these days.

Visiting them from safely outside a fenced pasture is about as close as I'll get now. We live just around the corner from a number of horse owners, and a neighbourhood that is horse-friendly so we often see people out for a ride on a sunny day or trailering their animals. We ride our motorized horses of chrome through acres of trails used by equestrian fanatics. (they looove that)

A few weeks ago Kidlet and I went for a walk to see a small group of very friendly horses where I snapped these photos. I'll have to do it again soon. The quiet time with the daughter, the fresh air and exercise that we all need, and the awe and magic inspired by a gentle horse nuzzling out of your hand does the soul good.

White Horse in Rural Countryside Photo Album binder
White Horse in Rural Countryside Photo Album by CountryCorner
Get a ring binder on Zazzle

The Wind of Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. ~ Arabian Proverb

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crank it OUT!

The beautiful thing about not-so-beautiful weather we've been having here lately is that I can spend far too much time inside plugged into my laptop without feeling guilty or sad about missing the sunshine. The garden that I planted late due to the cold, wet and downright nasty weather now gets watered every single blinkin' day without me having to trudge along with a hose. The lawn can't be mowed, the truck doesn't need to be washed, ... it's pure inside time!

Of course, I should probably be doing more laundry, or cleaning the nooks and crannies in the corners that I never get around to doing and have left for a rainy day. Sure it's a rainy day today, but I didn't mean THIS rainy day! ;p Not the next one, either!

I choose instead to putter around on my Zazzle stores every day that I can before and after my part time job. I've been plugging away consistently, adding new designs and reworking old ones to build up the number of products I can offer through my two stores. Redneck Hillbillies and Country Corner.

It's starting to pay off, and I find I'm selling something almost every day now. Somedays it's a postcard, other days it's 4 t-shirts or a pair of hi-tops  that bring in a little more for my wallet. With each sale I get a clearer idea of what seems to be working and what doesn't, and become even more determined to turn this hobby into a real income. It drives my family CRAZY to see me "Zazzling". I'm a true Zazzle-holic. A zazzleheaded zazzle addict.

I'm getting twitchy just hangin' over here with y'all instead of bein' over there, so I'd better get on with it.

Here are some of my latest designs. Let me know what you think!

My Hick Chick T-shirt that never sold, reworked into a new magnet. Alot of positive comments, but so far no sales on this beauty. I thought it was pretty clever.

Two photos that I snapped yesterday afternoon.

A wasp in our bbq

The neighbour's chicken! (I don't care WHY it crossed the road, just that it did)

Little Red Hen Free Range Eggs Biz Card profilecard
Little Red Hen Free Range Eggs Biz Card by CountryCorner

And this one, also available in different versions

All done trying to flog my wares for today. Go have a peek at the stores and feel free to offer up some suggestions and constructive criticism. If there's something you'd like to see that isn't there, drop me a line and let me know!

Later, Y'all

Crank it up!

Little Kidlet inherited my big teeth, and the Mr's small jaw. Put the two together and you end up with a parent's nightmare and an orthodontists dream!

Actually, her teeth are beautiful - strong, perfect, nicely sized teeth that she keeps clean and that every nurse in the dentist office commented on. The problem is that there's just too many of them for what those same nurses have referred to as the smallest mouth they've ever seen. They needed to use what they labelled as the "Happy Meal Sized" items to xray and make plaster casts with.

Call me crazy, but some days I'd say she has a pretty darned BIG mouth.

Oh, but we're not talking about what comes out of it, but rather, what's IN it.

Anyhow, she has a new mouthful of metal (braces) that we're all adjusting to. Brushing habits tripled, dietary changes to reduce discomfort and sticking to, in, under and around the metal brackets. Two teeth have to be pulled before we can add wires and elastics to the amount of STUFF in her mouth.

Yesterday she had yet another dental appliance added. A palate expander. Ever seen one of these contraptions? Google it if you wish. A monstrous metal thing (appliance is the right word!) wrapped around two molars on each side up her upper jaw with a connecting bolt that I get to crank each day with a little wrench.

Yup, you read that one right. A WRENCH I stick a tool in my kids mouth and crank on this medieval looking torture device. It almost seems barbaric. Next we'll be bloodletting. Sigh. One crank = two turns. She felt the first one today and I still had to do it again. In a couple days I'm supposed to double that and do two turns TWICE a day. I shudder to think what that will feel like, although the nurse assures me after a couple days she'll have adjusted and it won't be so uncomfortable. :(

The idea is that this metal thing will expand, and with it her still flexible and growing palate to allow for her teeth to space nicely in front instead of meeting like a triangle. Ok... um... OUCH!

She's a brave kid.

I admire her courage and could learn a thing from her resolve to buckle up and just get 'er done.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unknown Identity!

We've mainly had two breeds of cattle so far.

 Holstein, the common black and white dairy cow everyone thinks of first when someone says "COW"
Angus - also fairly well known. It's all black, or all red/brown,  polled (no horns) and known fencebreakers.

 Most have been combinations of the above, or holstein/black angus crosses, the ideal first calf for young dairy cows to get them milking because angus calves are quite small.

So I am not quite sure what breed this animal is that I snapped a photo of this afternoon. I could ask the neighbour who owns it, but since he's been a royal butthead lately that would be my last option.

I tried googling it. Tried wiki. Maybe I'm just not seeing the answer because there are 800 breeds of cattle apparently.

I am NOT going through 800 breeds of cattle just to identify this breed so I'm pleading for help here.

Herefords have all white faces, Simmentals can get that dark red brown color although they are usually lighter and have some white on their faces with eye spots. Devon? Limosine?

If you know... *please* let me in on it because I need a better title than "Little Brown Cow" 

Thanks, y'all! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Where's the REDNECK stuff?

Ok,  I admit I've spent far more time lately on the newer Country Corner store, than my main store Redneck Hillbillies. Several of my more recent posts look like they are on the wrong blog!

The problem is that not only am I hopelessly addicted to zazzle, but I am deeply and madly in love with my panny.  (Panny of course being my handy dandy Panasonic Lumix camera that I adore and carry with me everywhere!)

If I do say so myself, I've snapped a few beauties in recent weeks that really needed to go on a product, and no matter how I try, I cannot possibly come up with a rednecky thing using a landscape photo! Throw a couple broken down muscle cars, a case of beer, and a toothless redneck and we might have something to work with, but not with the shots as they are.

This emu photo was already in my image bin at Zazzle for the RNH store, so I added it to a few products
like this greeting card.

and I whipped up this chick magnet (get the pun?) with the cute graphic from my hick chick tees in the Redneck Hillbillies store that you might like

oh! and let's not forget our dear sweet JIMBOB! His purdy mug just got put on a bunch of T-shirts. I like this one

I know, I know you want FUNNY redneck sayings put on T-shirts... they're coming... SOON!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garden Slugs

While out for a lovely little walk with the girls the other day, little kidlet pointed out this slug, which was slowly making its way across the face of a vertical rock, stuck firmly by oozing slime and powerful muscles.

I had my camera handy (surprise!) so I figured "Why not?" and photographed the little guy rather than introduce it firmly to the bottom of my shoe!   This particular one wasn't wreaking havoc on my garden lettuce, so it did not deserve a squishing.

I'm not exactly sure what type of person might want a card with a photograph of a big, black, gooey garden slug on it, but stranger things have happened. Crappy photos, poorly executed text designs - some of the stuff that is sold on Zazzle just leaves me bewildered! There is a market for everything and  I am not the buyer so surely there must be a market for my nifty garden slug products!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walk With Me

A few weeks ago the Mr. and I took a nice jaunt down to the local swimming and fishing hole to try out our fancy schmancy boat now that he officially has the required boating license to operate it. 

While he fished, (or attempted to fish, since nothing was biting the end of his line!) I observed the magnificent scenery around us. Beautiful skies, lush green plants and blooming wildflowers, the odd eagle soaring overhead. It was magnificent, indeed.

I didn't have my proper camera - just a cheesy 2mp fuji that was pretty swanky when I bought it back in the dark ages, but after using my lovely panny it's... well... crap.

I tried desperately and in vain to get a photo of the young canadian geese babies that swam in the waters with their parents.

The other day I took the two kidlets back to see if they were still hanging around and much to my surprise they still look a little baby-ish and I could get a few snaps in. This one turned out not too bad, so I put it on a few products

It started to rain, so we left the park and started driving away when the drizzle stopped. We decided to go for a nice nature walk where I snapped this beauty.

I pushed a couple items through the queue since they've been stuck "in progress" for what seems like an eternity. I do love zazzle, but in this microwave generation I do find it hard to wait.

But wait I must.

and wait. and wait.

Must drink more, then I won't mind the waiting!

Monday, June 7, 2010

90th post

The whole fam damily of Redneck Hillbillies went on a l'il fishin trip a weekend or two ago that I haven't gotten around to tellin' ya about yet.

We got to stay in a friend's very nice lakeside cabin, which would have been a  treat enough in itself, but there is so much more to this story than a roof over our heads and a comfy bed to sleep on.

We were treated to a front row seat for a small wildlife watching marathon thanks to multiple bird feeders and a squirrel bin on the front balcony that were visited by multiple species of flying things, and rodent like creatures that captured Blue's interest and held it for the entire time she was there!

Here's one of the little buggers that did a fantastic job of emptying each and every last peanut from the bin.

I took a nice quick walk before a tasty bbq'd dinner with my two daughters, often referred to as Little Kidlet and Big Chitlin in these blog posts, and our lovely host lady down to the docks just before sunset and took a few photos.

The bullrushes and grass reeds were alive with colorful birds busily building nests and squawking their beaks off to let the whole world know about it! I tried many times to capture them with my camera but they move far too fast and all I got was brightly colored blurs! Landscapes don't tend to move much, so I had better luck with them ;p

These three were my favorites.



This one came out  a little on the dark side, but I think I might still like it enough to post it in here. None of these skiffs are our boat, but I bet the fishermen who used them had better luck than we did!

It poured rain for most of our stay there, and we didn't get a single fish into the boat - but all in all it was an incredibly enjoyable weekend in a great spot, with some great people.

Friday, June 4, 2010

YAY for me!

Let me first start by saying that I am completely, totally, utterly, and hopelessly addicted to Zazzling.

If you don't have the foggiest idea what I am talking about, then you obviously have not been reading this blog. That's ok, nobody does - so I forgive you! :D

To Zazzle is to create images (usually PNG's or JPG's) and upload and customize them carefully to create masterpieces of the apparel and home/office product variety. In laymen's terms: I slap a graphic or a photo on anything from mugs to t-shirts to mousepads,  add some text here and there, and VOILA!  Dozens of amazing products that people just line up to buy.

Ok, so maybe they don't *exactly* line up to buy them.... but I have made enough sales to want to stick around for a while and see where it will take me. I also sold enough merch to earn a volume bonus the last two months and June is shaping up to be the best yet if things continue as they have been.

My first YAY:

I discovered yesterday that I won an award back in May for being  one of  the top ten  most viewed pair of shoes on  the entire Zazzle site for these beauties

Don't Tread On Me kedsshoe
Don't Tread On Me by RedneckHillbillies
Make your own customizable shoes online at zazzle

I even sold a pair of 'em - and another without the text additions. Not too shabby, eh?!

...and this morning I won a TBA (Today's Best Award) for this postcard.

Many people think these TBAs are picked by monkeys - which I tend to agree with since this photo (while stunningly beautiful if I do say so myself) shifted to the left, leaving a thin white line on the right hand side that should not be there. I swear I just about cried when I got home to read congratulatory emails and discovered my booboo.

I can't delete it and redo it, since it got a TBA and I'm totally chuffed about that. So I created an improved version and linked to it from the original horribly flawed product.

Sigh. Of all the products for me to royally screw up on, it had to be that one! Figures.

Oh well, I still say "YAY me". Gotta keep keepin' on.