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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trucker Hats

For reasons I cannot explain, I seem to be getting alot of traffic from people looking for trucker hats. Yeah, I know right - TRUCKER hats!  Yuck, if you ask me!

Ugly, puffy retro looking things that are straight out of the 70's and require a mullet to wear them properly. *Shudder* The trucker hats I can deal with, mullets have to stay in the past thank you very much!

This morning I have been going through my zazzle image folder and adding some of the designs that I didn't use on hats just to see if they work.

With this one I altered the smaller text to include cow tipping, corn shucking, and skirt chasing. None of these are passtimes that I do per se, but I figured they might be more popular than toe tappin' and heel kickin' were on the original t-shirt design.

This morning I was browsing the forums and noticed a new post by a copycat advertising his/her new hillbilly t-shirt. Wouldn't ya know it - it was a cute little picture of a yellow chick, with "Hillbilly Chick" written on it.  Hmmm created by the same person who just yesterday said they'd checked out my store and I had some great stuff.

Deep breaths.

In.... Out..... Ok I feel a little better.

Good thing his/her design is not nearly as cute as my original version. *Sticking out my tongue!*

Perhaps it'll even bring more viewers to my product in the long run.

Anyhoo, I put this HICK CHICK graphic on a hat because for some reason I hadn't already done so.

One of my first designs, reworked to use a more grungy looking font, and without my website URL on it. I love how I can tell bellyachin whiners and grumbling complainers to quit bitching with strategically placed punctuation and symbols being used to help make it a little more acceptable. What foul language? What's wrong with an exclamation mark or a number sign? (wink wink)

...and of course I had to include my "Will Work for BEER" design, because at one time I did work for beer. Well (grumble grumble) that was before I wasn't allowed (moan and complain) to work for beer anymore because (roll eyes blah blah blah.)

Hmm maybe I should take another look at the quit your bitching hat again?!?!

Will work for BEER! hat
Will work for BEER! by RedneckHillbillies
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Next up is a fishing hat with that cute little cartoon style graphic, and the watery dripping letters that spell out Fish Whisperer. The perfect choice for the avid fishing nut like Bubba. Too bad he doesn't usually wear anything but plain earthy toned T-shirts and he already has a couple good fishing hats.

Maybe someday I'll get him a T-shirt with a small and discreet image on it . Or not. (shrug)

and lastly (for this morning anyways)  .. our lovely JimBob red angus calf, with text that can of course be customized but for now says Rodeo Cowgirl.

The copycat has another almost identical t-shirt up based on my "I'm surrounded by Rednecks" idea. Same colors and everything. Tsk Tsk. I guess I'm gonna have to put that on a hat and some other products too before the day is through!