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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garden Slugs

While out for a lovely little walk with the girls the other day, little kidlet pointed out this slug, which was slowly making its way across the face of a vertical rock, stuck firmly by oozing slime and powerful muscles.

I had my camera handy (surprise!) so I figured "Why not?" and photographed the little guy rather than introduce it firmly to the bottom of my shoe!   This particular one wasn't wreaking havoc on my garden lettuce, so it did not deserve a squishing.

I'm not exactly sure what type of person might want a card with a photograph of a big, black, gooey garden slug on it, but stranger things have happened. Crappy photos, poorly executed text designs - some of the stuff that is sold on Zazzle just leaves me bewildered! There is a market for everything and  I am not the buyer so surely there must be a market for my nifty garden slug products!