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Friday, June 25, 2010

Beer Again. There's never enough BEER.

I made another couple products that feature those lovely pale ales or lagers in the bottle that I thought would make you thirsty.

First is a business card with the Got Beer? image

Then I used those same beer bottles, along with a nifty graphic of a wine glass being filled with a nice red wine. A big, bold, well oaked Cabernet Sauvignon perhaps? More than likely a fruit forward merlot or shiraz.

Ah, the redneck in me says "Who cares. It's red wine and it's probably at least 13% alcohol."

I figured these would appeal to the U-brews and Homebrewing supplies stores, Cold beer and wine retail outlets, caterers, liquor serving courses and the like.

Tick Tock.

It's been so quiet in my Zazzle store today that I can hear the clock ticking!

We'll see what tomorrow brings :D