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Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Redneck Hillbillies Blog!

We've packed up and moved to a new home!

Check out the new and improved Redneck Hillbillies Blog over on our own domain.

There are still a few boxes left to pack, and some cobwebs to take care of, but head on over yonder and see what we gots for ya!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Redneck Hillbillies are Everywhere!

I logged into our youtube account this morning and watched a nifty youtube search story uploaded by one of our youtube friends (travelthecanyon)  "What a neat idea!", I thought to myself.

So I put this little video together which points to a few places where you'll find us Redneck Hillbillies. It was harder than it looks, since apparently Redneck and Hillbillies are search terms that show up everywhere and not necessarily pointing to us.  (who'da thunk?)

And for those of you who missed the urls, here they are for your redneckhillbilly viewing pleasure.

Facebook Fan Page -
Youtube Channel -
Blog (here, duh!)
Redneck Store*/
(not shown) Twitter: @RNHillbillies
Website -

Friday, October 15, 2010

Redneck Vehicles

 In just one short jaunt through Hickville yesterday afternoon  I photographed three different automobiles that really spoke to me. What did they say? "REDNECK!"

First there was a lifted 4x4 with custom camo paint job.  A ratrod painted flat black with a nice redneck flag license plate. And some type of small commuter import which wouldn't be redneck, except for the fact that the people had tried to store it in a too-small garage and had closed it in with plywood with the car sticking halfway out. That last picture would have been even better if there had been some duct tape involved in the construction or holding on the car's bumper, but I can't be picky.

In our little town there are a number of souped up, powerful and muddy missmatched trucks with stickers or plates, horns or other rednecky doodads slapped on them that I will have to photograph. I plan on putting them alllll together in a lovely little redneck video for y'all to see when I have accumulated enough "material."

Knowing our town, that shouldn't take me long at all ;p  Stay tuned! It'll be a good-y!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Redneck Security System

A couple biiiiig dogs usually do the trick, but since our  two dogs Red and Blue are just wimpy little couch warmers we have to resort to other methods to deter theft.

Like this bumper sticker that pretty much tells those would be thieves it just wouldn't be worth the hassle to   smash our windows or gouge out the lock with a screwdriver.

Unless you want a McDonald's ketchup packet and a couple napkins, a dead AA battery, one sock, hair elastics and the like, there ain't nuttin worth stealin' in our redneck truck either!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

22 seconds of fame

Most people want 15 minutes. That would be nice, of course - but I'll settle for the 22 seconds it'll take you to watch our latest short video. 22 seconds of ... well it's not exactly fame since only a handful of people have viewed it, and we have 130 subscribers so most of them passed on it.

It's only 22 seconds, people! Go watch it! I mean seriously TWENTY TWO SECONDS. That's less time than it'll take you to exit this page and reload something better on most computers.

Call me crazy, but I laugh every time I see this.  Please go check it out, leave a comment and/or a thumbs up, and subscribe if there's something in our collection of 47 videos that catches your fancy.

Thanks, Y'all!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photography is my Passion

I've taken a few thousand photos with my Panasonic point and shoot. Probably tens of thousands at this point actually! It's a little bulky for a point and shoot, and doesn't have the capabilities of a DSLR, but it's perfect for someone like me with the passion but not necessarily the skill to capture life moment by moment.

I've been trying all sorts of things lately. Landscapes, animals like our cows or the neighbour's chicken, sports action shots... I have dozens of DVDs worth so far to back up, and many fuzzy photos that should really be deleted so as not to fill up more of them than necessary!

Here are a couple recent shots shown here on products because there's no way in H - E - Double hockey sticks that I'm uploading a full resolution real photo here on the WWW where it can be stolen.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Sunshiney Day!

It was pouring rain this morning. POURING. It rained so hard there was no way I was going to be walking with the chitlin to the bus stop so into our gas guzzling pickup truck we went! Sometime this morning the clouds must have cleared while I was at work, because the sun is shining brightly now. I can feel its warmth through the sliding glass door, as I type this entry and sip on a beverage (hey it IS after noon, ya know!)

I am mustering up the motivation to get off my backside and get out there in that sunshine. There are probably a dozen or two ears of corn to pick, stalks to cut down and feed to the cattle, and a bucket or two of green pole beans hanging out there screaming my name. You can't  hear them? Oh. Ok well I'm sure there is some kind of medication I can take for that then!Or maybe I just  need another bottle of liquid motivation.

*Kidding* ... or not!

If you didn't notice, this is  yet another product-less post, since the format has changed on my beloved Zazzle from somewhat respectable photo and links to IN YOUR FACE SPAM that is way too big, too ugly, and too tacky for this redneck.  ... and rednecks oughtta know that it takes alot for a redneck to say anything is too big or too tacky ;p

I am suffering from product link withdrawals already. I'm warning you: next post I'm gonna hafta stick a pic or two in there just to stave off the shakes!

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Video Just Posted!

Go see it!

Well, after you finish reading this of course! If for nothing else, watch it and give it a thumbs up for the redneck mother music we have playing in the background!

It's a short video of our new-to-us super retro coin operated pool table with the top slate off so you can see the balls all being routed through the tracks to their proper locations for playing. Very cool. Very heavy and brutal to get into the house... but very cool!

Did I mention it was heavy? The video doesn't show the enormous effort it took to get the one piece 3/4" slate into the house. ( one piece slate = holy freakin hell heavy!) Me, Mr. Redneck Hillbillies, and the little chitlin did it, inch by inch with a few grunts and groans of pain, and one or two unneccessary cuss words.

Everything works as it should which is GREAT. The felt has some wear and tear but it's still playable. Multiple cues came with the table so we could play right away. I use the term "play" loosely. Well, two of us know how to play, the other two... not so well. I fall into the second category! ;p

oh.. you need the LINK!

No SPAM for me, please

.... or FROM me!

I read on a forum this morning that Blogger is doing a clean sweep of the splogs, or blogs that are nothing more than link farms. You know the ones - absolutely zero real content that a person can throw up in minutes, several of them running  at one time as a matter of fact. These people also set it up with postdated entries so that something new shows up every day in an attempt to get crawled by robots and place higher in the google search engine. I've submitted a few of my products to these people, with the required keyword rich descriptions that robots and indexes LOVE.

I've been submitting far less often these days, now that I realize I was probably only building the blog owner's business and stuffing their pocketbooks instead of my own. Providing specific search terms somewhere on a blog probably brings the people there, but the chances of them actually finding and buying MY product while there is slim to none. My hunch is that they get distracted by the dozens of links to the  blog owners stores instead where they'll earn the referral and commissions on sales. .... and the lowly submitters thank these people for the "opportunity" !!! Thanks sploggers for letting me earn you some money. *rolls eyes*

Was that a rant? Sorry... ok back to blogs and such.

In reviewing my earlier posts I am afraid my little corner of the blogosphere may get lumped into that category, thanks to the very easy to use email feature where I can type in a few keystrokes and have a product image, short description  and link show up here. I admit to using that a little too often once I discovered the speed of the whole process as compared to typing out lengthy posts and posting images.

Since the Redneck Hillbillies are MORE than just a spam blog, I sincerely hope I have enough real content here to keep the fingers off the delete button, and links to youtube videos and non commercial photos I've taken that don't all point to my storefront.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Zazzle card from Zombie Girl: Green Faced Big Eyed Zombie Girl Logo

Zazzle card from Zombie Girl: Green Faced Big Eyed Zombie Girl

A teenaged zombie with big glowing eyes wants to have you over for dinner this Halloween! Customizeable Party invitation

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hmmm It seems I haven't been here lately updating my blog, other than by sending over my latest favorite product images. WHOOPS! Sorry about that!

I've been so busy these last couple of weeks now that school is back in session. Early mornings, late nights, running to and fro and back home again to drop someone off, pick someone up, grab a jug of milk... it is never ending! Every spare minute I've had, I've been Zazzling my butt off in preparation for the holiday season. I have picked my best photos from the last few days out with my camera and reworked them into postcards, mugs, posters, buttons. You name it. I'd have hundreds of photos that I could use if I just had the time to tweak them a little.

So anyways, I just wanted to pop in and letcha know I am still here, even when I'm not.
Even if I am trying to flog my stuff was never my intention to turn this blog into a  completely commercialized link farm.

Oh, and did I already mention....

 *** Buy my crap! ***


Redneck on, y'all.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zazzle card from Country Corner: Show Me The MUDDY! Dune Buggy in the ... Logo

Zazzle card from Country Corner: Show Me The MUDDY! Dune Buggy in the ...

Let's get MUDDY! Dirty, grungy, mud splattering, dirt flinging dune buggy.

Zazzle postcard from Country Corner: Native Aboriginal Woman Wood Carv... Logo

Zazzle postcard from Country Corner: Native Aboriginal Woman Wood Carv...

Intense, deeply lined face carved in wood by talented local artisan. Available on a wide range of products

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zazzle mousepad from Country Corner: Hydraulic Hoses on old Tractor Logo

Zazzle mousepad from Country Corner: Hydraulic Hoses on old Tractor

HDR style photograph of hydraulic hose connections on an antique yellow Ford tractor.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Zazzle profilecard from Country Corner: Cool Dog Grooming Aussie in Ho... Logo
Check it out!

Our favorite Aussie all dressed up in a hoodie makes her a funky dawg!

Cool Dog Grooming Aussie in Hoodie
Cool Dog Grooming Aussie in Hoodie by CountryCorner
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