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Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Redneck Hillbillies Blog!

We've packed up and moved to a new home!

Check out the new and improved Redneck Hillbillies Blog over on our own domain.

There are still a few boxes left to pack, and some cobwebs to take care of, but head on over yonder and see what we gots for ya!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Redneck Hillbillies are Everywhere!

I logged into our youtube account this morning and watched a nifty youtube search story uploaded by one of our youtube friends (travelthecanyon)  "What a neat idea!", I thought to myself.

So I put this little video together which points to a few places where you'll find us Redneck Hillbillies. It was harder than it looks, since apparently Redneck and Hillbillies are search terms that show up everywhere and not necessarily pointing to us.  (who'da thunk?)

And for those of you who missed the urls, here they are for your redneckhillbilly viewing pleasure.

Facebook Fan Page -
Youtube Channel -
Blog (here, duh!)
Redneck Store*/
(not shown) Twitter: @RNHillbillies
Website -

Friday, October 15, 2010

Redneck Vehicles

 In just one short jaunt through Hickville yesterday afternoon  I photographed three different automobiles that really spoke to me. What did they say? "REDNECK!"

First there was a lifted 4x4 with custom camo paint job.  A ratrod painted flat black with a nice redneck flag license plate. And some type of small commuter import which wouldn't be redneck, except for the fact that the people had tried to store it in a too-small garage and had closed it in with plywood with the car sticking halfway out. That last picture would have been even better if there had been some duct tape involved in the construction or holding on the car's bumper, but I can't be picky.

In our little town there are a number of souped up, powerful and muddy missmatched trucks with stickers or plates, horns or other rednecky doodads slapped on them that I will have to photograph. I plan on putting them alllll together in a lovely little redneck video for y'all to see when I have accumulated enough "material."

Knowing our town, that shouldn't take me long at all ;p  Stay tuned! It'll be a good-y!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Redneck Security System

A couple biiiiig dogs usually do the trick, but since our  two dogs Red and Blue are just wimpy little couch warmers we have to resort to other methods to deter theft.

Like this bumper sticker that pretty much tells those would be thieves it just wouldn't be worth the hassle to   smash our windows or gouge out the lock with a screwdriver.

Unless you want a McDonald's ketchup packet and a couple napkins, a dead AA battery, one sock, hair elastics and the like, there ain't nuttin worth stealin' in our redneck truck either!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

22 seconds of fame

Most people want 15 minutes. That would be nice, of course - but I'll settle for the 22 seconds it'll take you to watch our latest short video. 22 seconds of ... well it's not exactly fame since only a handful of people have viewed it, and we have 130 subscribers so most of them passed on it.

It's only 22 seconds, people! Go watch it! I mean seriously TWENTY TWO SECONDS. That's less time than it'll take you to exit this page and reload something better on most computers.

Call me crazy, but I laugh every time I see this.  Please go check it out, leave a comment and/or a thumbs up, and subscribe if there's something in our collection of 47 videos that catches your fancy.

Thanks, Y'all!