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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Classic Car Show

This past Saturday, the Big Chitlin and I moseyed on over to the downtown core of a nearby town for their annual classic car show. Rows of beautifully restored vintage vehicles were polished to perfection and on display for old car buffs.

We arrived later than we expected, and then had difficulty finding a place to park, so I only managed to snap a few dozen photos before the torrential downpour. Dressed in shorts and sandals, with a T-shirt and no way to keep my camera protected from the rain while shooting, we had no option but to leave early.

 I did take a few shots that I think turned out ok. They all need a little editing to remove the hordes of people that were milling around, (and shortly afterwards got soaked like we did!)

Here's the three I've done so far - shown on mousepads but they are available on multiple different products. I might buy one as a poster for our recroom. I think old cars kinda work with pinball machines and old advertising signs!