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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walk With Me

A few weeks ago the Mr. and I took a nice jaunt down to the local swimming and fishing hole to try out our fancy schmancy boat now that he officially has the required boating license to operate it. 

While he fished, (or attempted to fish, since nothing was biting the end of his line!) I observed the magnificent scenery around us. Beautiful skies, lush green plants and blooming wildflowers, the odd eagle soaring overhead. It was magnificent, indeed.

I didn't have my proper camera - just a cheesy 2mp fuji that was pretty swanky when I bought it back in the dark ages, but after using my lovely panny it's... well... crap.

I tried desperately and in vain to get a photo of the young canadian geese babies that swam in the waters with their parents.

The other day I took the two kidlets back to see if they were still hanging around and much to my surprise they still look a little baby-ish and I could get a few snaps in. This one turned out not too bad, so I put it on a few products

It started to rain, so we left the park and started driving away when the drizzle stopped. We decided to go for a nice nature walk where I snapped this beauty.

I pushed a couple items through the queue since they've been stuck "in progress" for what seems like an eternity. I do love zazzle, but in this microwave generation I do find it hard to wait.

But wait I must.

and wait. and wait.

Must drink more, then I won't mind the waiting!