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Monday, June 7, 2010

90th post

The whole fam damily of Redneck Hillbillies went on a l'il fishin trip a weekend or two ago that I haven't gotten around to tellin' ya about yet.

We got to stay in a friend's very nice lakeside cabin, which would have been a  treat enough in itself, but there is so much more to this story than a roof over our heads and a comfy bed to sleep on.

We were treated to a front row seat for a small wildlife watching marathon thanks to multiple bird feeders and a squirrel bin on the front balcony that were visited by multiple species of flying things, and rodent like creatures that captured Blue's interest and held it for the entire time she was there!

Here's one of the little buggers that did a fantastic job of emptying each and every last peanut from the bin.

I took a nice quick walk before a tasty bbq'd dinner with my two daughters, often referred to as Little Kidlet and Big Chitlin in these blog posts, and our lovely host lady down to the docks just before sunset and took a few photos.

The bullrushes and grass reeds were alive with colorful birds busily building nests and squawking their beaks off to let the whole world know about it! I tried many times to capture them with my camera but they move far too fast and all I got was brightly colored blurs! Landscapes don't tend to move much, so I had better luck with them ;p

These three were my favorites.



This one came out  a little on the dark side, but I think I might still like it enough to post it in here. None of these skiffs are our boat, but I bet the fishermen who used them had better luck than we did!

It poured rain for most of our stay there, and we didn't get a single fish into the boat - but all in all it was an incredibly enjoyable weekend in a great spot, with some great people.