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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unknown Identity!

We've mainly had two breeds of cattle so far.

 Holstein, the common black and white dairy cow everyone thinks of first when someone says "COW"
Angus - also fairly well known. It's all black, or all red/brown,  polled (no horns) and known fencebreakers.

 Most have been combinations of the above, or holstein/black angus crosses, the ideal first calf for young dairy cows to get them milking because angus calves are quite small.

So I am not quite sure what breed this animal is that I snapped a photo of this afternoon. I could ask the neighbour who owns it, but since he's been a royal butthead lately that would be my last option.

I tried googling it. Tried wiki. Maybe I'm just not seeing the answer because there are 800 breeds of cattle apparently.

I am NOT going through 800 breeds of cattle just to identify this breed so I'm pleading for help here.

Herefords have all white faces, Simmentals can get that dark red brown color although they are usually lighter and have some white on their faces with eye spots. Devon? Limosine?

If you know... *please* let me in on it because I need a better title than "Little Brown Cow" 

Thanks, y'all!