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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Watch out for the horns!

You ought not to mess with anything that has horns. I think that's pretty sound advice.

So when I was waitin in line at the local Dairy Queen for a big ol' basket of not-so-healthy, greasy, crunchy oh-so-good onion rings and saw this beast of a truck waiting for the light I just HAD to snap a photo.

All this truck needs is a rebel flag and it would scream "REDNECK"
Perhaps a nice bumper sticker to put on the rear like this one:

Perhaps he should be wearing a redneck shirt too. You know, complete the picture.

oh! and let's not forget the retro trucker style redneck HAT for his head. We can't do much about the missing teeth, but let's at least try to cover some of the mullet. While we're at it, might as well make him an edumacated redneck. At least that way he can feel like he went to some kinda fancy schmancy redneck university instead of droppin out of elementary to start huntin turtles in the backwater with pappy.