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Friday, July 9, 2010

Cow Tipping?

Last week I edited an old image to suit a trucker hat. I like the way it turned out, so this morning I gave the design it's own folder and a dozen or so more products.

Cow tipping? Well I've never done it. Apparently it's complete BS that you can tip a cow, and I tend to agree with that since all of our cattle sleep laying down and run when we approach them on the field. Yet the whole cow tipping thing persists despite it being impossible. ... and a load of Bull puckeys - which coincedentally you'd step in if you ever tried cow tipping!

Here is the design reworked and on a redneck bumper sticker

Corn Shucking - Y'all know we are champion corn shuckers. What redneck doesn't like eatin chicken (also included)corn cobs, and washing it down with beer (also included) while chasin' skirts (ok *I* don't chase skirts, but bubba rednecks do!) or drivin' a truck.

Did I forget somethin'? Shoot me an email and maybe I'll throw it on a tee! ;p