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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good enough to EAT

I thought I'd try my hand at foodie products for a change. So, after going through a couple CDs full of photos originally shot for stock photography I came up with a couple that I thought worked well.

First up, a delicious Ollie Bollen donut or fritter type baked treat loaded with raisins and apple bits, sprinkled lightly with a dusting of icing sugar.

Ollie Bollen (oolie ballen) is loosely translated as Oil Balls because they are deep fried and can be a little on the greasy side. They are not overly sweet, unless you liberally douse them in the icing sugar which is either offered in a side bowl, or sifted above a plate full of them.

The dutch cook up large batches of them to celebrate the New Year. Every January 1st we head on over to the inlaws to eat as many of them as we can without popping. They are a once a year indulgence, and a Holland tradition that many still carry on despite being here in Canada for generations now.

MMMM how much longer until New Year's?