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Friday, July 16, 2010

Kilby Museum

Mr RedneckHillbillies, little kidlet and myself took a nice leisurely drive out to the countryside on Saturday for an antique car show. It was hot and sticky, and the skeeters were out in full force in the shady areas so we didn't linger too long.

Dozens of polished, lovingly restored cars were parked on the grounds, reflecting the blazing sunlight, so many of the photos I snapped have nasty blinding glare and reflections of myself! Can't have that! Since the carshow was held at the historical Kilby Museum, it also gave me an opportunity to photograph vintage antiques inside the stuffy building,some farm animals, and feral cats.

Here's one that my daughter took of the store shelves inside the stuffy museum. Wooden shelves lined with old advertisements and household goods like batteries, seed packets and spices. She took it in black and white, which I think makes it even more old-timey.

I think it works well on this notecard - perfect for someone's retirement, or milestone birthday for the person who would remember some of the items on display!