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Monday, July 19, 2010

Genuine Authentic Rednecks!

I rattled the old noggin for some more funny redneck idears and this is what tumbled on outta there.

Not just any run of the mill, average joe type Redneck.... but a Genuine one. And authentic. Oh, and even Certified! That sounds purty darned special if ya ask me! We ain't talking no cheap imported knock off here, folks!

Then I figured there may be some out there who aren't fully accepting the label of Redneck - but they're ok with bein called BUBBA. So I modified it a tidge and spewed out this 'un.

Yes, note it is almost exactly the same design with Bubba instead of Redneck. I also made a Redneck Woman version with and without the sexy rebel confederate flag silhouette image I created long ago. I won't post links to them here since four of virtually the same thing might be a tad irritating.

Then I made a vertical design and changed it up a bit for the women who are used to being thought of as "meat". Why not make it prime Grade A meat while we're at it, and guarantee it to be tasty and tender?! Exactly what I was thinking!