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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Content Review

My only pet peeve with Zazzle is the content review policy. Zazzle has a remove product, ask questions later type policy, with very little explanation given as to WHY your products have been deleted. Oh sure, they'll tell you which products are the problem and give a standard reason, but with absolutely no clarification. It could be an image, a word, even a tag in the description.

The worst part, is that other products that appear to infringe upon the same trademarks or violate the same copyright laws are allowed to remain.

Case in point:

This morning I uploaded what I believed to be pure genius. (snicker)

SSSSSHHHHH! (big bold red letters proclaimed)
Be vewy, vewy quiet.... on the next line in smaller text)
We're hunting wednecks. (same size text beneath that)

It didn't even make it to the marketplace before it got booted the HICK out of there.

Let's see if I can get a screen shot and  post an image here....

Ah, it sounds a little like Elmer Fudd you say. A Warner Bros character that obviously shouldn't be allowed!

But see, we're NOT hunting wascally wabbits. We're hunting WEDNECKS.

There's a difference there people - no matter what school you went to! (or DIDN'T went to in this case) Yes, I do realize "didn't went" isn't proper grammer, I'm speakin' redneck, ya'll.

So THIS one was allowed to stay. Hmmmm I wonder if "Frozen Duck" is a favorite. Apparently moreso than RedneckHillbillies is anyways.

as was THIS ONE

So if I get this right, it's OK to hunt nooblets (WTF are  nooblets?) and acceptable to hunt Aliens... but it's not okay to hunt Wednecks. *shaking head* 

I think I'm going to try to reupload the design with "I'm" instead of "We're" to see if that's the problem.
Maybe it's the SSSSHHHH!  *shrug* Maybe it's the Wednecks. Perhaps if  had typed  Rednecks it may have passed. See my frustration?!  Tell me where I crossed the line so I can make the necessary adjustments!
I have no problem with rules. Draw the lines and I will do my best to stay within them. Maybe right on the line... but within them! Just make the rules the same for ALL the players.

I'm more irritated at the thought of an employee picking and choosing which rules to enforce, who to turn a blind eye to and who to make an example of.

We'll see if I get an answer to my request for clarification, and if the design can be remade to suit the powers that hold their fingers firmly over the DELETE button.