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Monday, July 12, 2010

Genuine Redneck

I've been taking more photos lately and as a result, the redneckhillbillies storefront gets only one or two new designs for every four or five in the countrycorner store. Blame it on the nicer weather - when we return to our usual 5 degrees celsius temperatures and unending drizzle I will have plenty of time to redneck out.

Aren't YOU lucky?! It just so happens to be wet and rainy and miserable and dreary out there, so I hunkered down at the laptop and came up with this 'un.

Multiple bottles in various shapes and sizes carry who knows what inside, but I'm bettin' it's alcoholic in nature. Wine? Shine? Some kinda hooch for thirsty rednecks... and you'd better believe it's Genuine. Er,... I mean Gen*U*Wine since us rednecks are pretty much illiterate, ya know.