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Monday, July 5, 2010

Redneck Friends

Hmmm let's see what's new in the Redneck Hillbillies store this morning, shall we?!

I sold a couple more redneck themed gifts over the weekend, including these stickers. One bumper sticker,

and my first sheet sold of round stickers. This lady must know alot of rednecks!

I took another look this morning at that Friends don't let Friends design I made a couple days ago and made two new versions. The first, intended to be for the youngins has "Grow up to be" in the all important field, instead of "go out with".

I then made a version where you can add your own text to create the perfect funny redneck T-shirt to suit rednecks of all ages. Be seen with, hang out with, ... I don't know all the possible combinations of what people might not want to be doing with rednecks so this way the choices are endless. While it works best for people who are against, or anti redneck, it might also be changed for them pro redneck folks too. Poke fun at yourself and the other redneck hillbillies out in the boonies with y'all, or in yer trailer park.