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Sunday, July 11, 2010

You Looking at ME?

I love this Emu portrait photograph that I took a couple years ago at the local game farm. (zoo) It's a lovely snapshot of a single bird, with tufts on it's head, beady eyes and a dangerous looking beak.

Much smaller than an ostrich, but intimidating all the same. It makes a sound like a beating drum and can probably inflict all sorts of damage and peck out a person's eyes out with that pointed beak or give them dozens of scratches with the razor sharp talongs on its legs if it felt threatened.

It's a whole lotta chicken type meat if you ask me. I've never had emu but there must be a reason why they are farmed and I bet it ain't for their feathers!
Emu Profile Portrait mousepad
Emu Profile Portrait by CountryCorner
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