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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photo ops

I usually have my camera along with me wherever I go. The odd time I've forgotten it at home, is when I come across something so spectacularly fantastic that I kick myself for NOT having it with me.

Sometimes it's right outside my front door which is even better. I can usually have my camera whipped out of its case, the card cleared, and the settings checked in mere seconds. This chicken is a perfect example. The neighbour has a bunch of 'em that sometimes wander over into our yard. This photo is the little red hen heading back home.

The text can be changed, I just thought it was funny. Others might not share my sense of humor ;p

A week or two ago I went to a duck pond with Big Chitlin and tried to capture the waterfowl there. I did get a couple good ones, but the light was harsh and the water glared so while the walk was nice, it was a waste as far as photos go. It was a nice break from paying bills and running errands though, and I was happy to snap photos even if I didn't end up with many good ones.

I took another look at those photos this morning and used another one which I figured I'd show you.

I did make a couple with sayings ("Come here often?" and "You so fine") but I'm drawing a blank when it comes to turtle sayings! Better that you come up with your own, I figure.