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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moo Heads

I was in a bovine kind of mood today. It helped that two days ago I sold a card with my lonely cow design from the RedneckHillbillies store a couple days ago, and then a set of business cards with another cattle photo.

So I let out a little moooo myself and plopped out these patties for your viewing pleasure.

Hank, our gorgeous Holstein or Fresian black and white cow. Actually he was a bull when this photo was taken, and is now a steer, but most people would just call him a COW.

Then I took this awesome photo of multicolored cattle (JimBob, Hank, and Bessie) in black, white and brown shades and figured that pretty much spelled out multicultural. I mean, Multi-cow-tural. Get it? Ok so it's my part to promote love of diversity, blindness to color, and acceptance of race.... with a little hick in there for good measure.

I also played on a couple other cow-isms with "Have you HERD?" and "We're Mooooving" I'm sure there are hundreds of other good lines that could be used. Feel free to customize any of the many items available with your own funny text :D