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Thursday, July 22, 2010

My heart belongs to an Aussie

After sifting through the various products tagged with "Aussie" or "Australian Shepherd", I've decided that the world really could use some more of the classic I love type designs.

Many of the items I came across were text only, the odd one with some pawprint clipart. So I figured I'd come up with my own and try to add an extra little something to the marketplace by using my watercolor painting effect photograph of our own black tricolored Australian Shepherd, Blue.

I started with the picture that looked like this:

Carefully cropped out her sweet, smiling face and softened the edges a little bit, added a bright red heart to her long, flowing and extra soft chest fur, and added some text. (oh I want to go snuggle with my puppy!)

This is the first one

and then I figured I'd try to squeak another design out of my copy paste efforts with this beauty!

Now I'm off to see what  I can come up with that involves butt wiggling, nub wagging, or sloppy dog kisses since that's what these awesome herding dogs are all about!