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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

April Fools was never a very big deal for me growing up. The pranks the kids tried to pull at school were lame and the same ones year after year, the pranks I tried to pull were either equally lame or got me in trouble.

The most memorable prank was  a front page newspaper article in the local free paper that featured a well edited photo of an unidentified flying object over a farmer's field, complete with interviews. I was young enough and gullible enough to believe that if it was being reported, it MUST be true ;p.

17 years ago today April Fools suddenly became important, when our first daughter was born in the early morning hours. She waited an extra ELEVEN days to make her appearance, that's how determined she was to hold out for just the right moment. The first few phone calls were made from the hospital room where our announcements were met with "yeah right!". If it weren't for the sound of a newborn baby crying in the background  noone would have believed us.

Happy Birthday, my sweet April Fool! xox