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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blue Jeans

There's a song I have on a burned CD in my truck that either makes me smile and sing along, or cry - depending on what kind of mood I'm in: Kieth Urban's Blue Jeans song. I believe it's a remake of some other country singer, but  either way the lyrics are the same. 

"I put my blue jeans on, I put my old blue jeans on... Ch! Ch! "  The first few lines are the culprit - because I swear it sounds like my Dad singing the words.  Dad was a talented drummer in my early childhood, who sung harmony, and was often heard humming or singing the odd bar or two from a favorite 70's song decades later. 

One particular visit he commented on the lyrics - the end of the song is the same thing over and over and over and over again. After about 10 times, the pitch changes and it sounds slightly different, Dad said the guy was really serious now about putting his blue jeans on! I laughed then, and I still laugh every time I hear that section of the song.

Silly really - but since I lost my Dad almost two years ago, I've held on to every  little memory I have of him no matter how small. I sung my heart out today, and drummed along on the steering wheel just for him.

Love you, Dad. xox