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Monday, April 26, 2010

Honda Hog Project Complete!

We've been calling it the Honda Hog lately, rather than the Honda Hippo or the Hondapotamous, although who really knows what it is or what it should be called. Regardless, it's the Mr.'s version of the discontinued Honda Fat Cat which is a motorcycle, but with really wide tires. 

He made ours with parts from two ATC's, some wrecker parts from a couple other dirtbikes, and a whole lotta fabrication.

It's an engineering marvel, really. If you ask me anyways!

Stay tuned for the video! I've compiled all the movie clips already but alot of chopping is required to reduce the length from 16 minutes into something short enough to hold someone's attention span!

It might end up being two - one for the youngins that's just a walk around and a ride, and one for the olduns and technical types who might want to see in detail how it all came together. 

Burnout videos or people getting injured seem to be the most popular, but neither is possible with this bike. For one, it only has a front brake so gassing it would result in an end-o. Two, we are both not fans of pain and suffering, and well aware of our mortality. We also don't think it's fun or amusing to try to BREAK our toys.

Next project is the 63 Pontiac Acadian Beaumont Sport Deluxe convertible. (wow that's a mouthful!)