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Friday, April 9, 2010

Redneck Evolution

Take that, Darwin!

Whether you believe in evolution or creation, or cosmic seeding from alien races, or that societies live in the center of the earth, chances are you've run across this diagram and it's familiar. So I twisted it a little bit to suit my purpose :D

I don't subscribe to the thought that we crawled out of the sea, sprouted legs, swung from trees, and then stood upright. And even if I did, I'm not silly enough to believe that Rednecks would be placed as the final development stage. The loudest and proudest rednecks probably would, but I'm a closet redneck.

Perhaps there was a little hiccup somewhere in the evolution of man that produced  Rednecks. A throwback or a belch somewhere in the dna strand from generations of interbreeding and cheap beer.

So here's a bunch of monkeys, with  a gun totin' ball cap wearin', duck huntin', beer swillin' Redneck.