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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Now Playing!

Our sleepy little town has a one room theatre that plays the newest releases a week or two behind the rest of the world. This week was supposed to be Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart... at least that's what it said the last time I checked it before the long Easter weekend!

It appears some pranksters had  a little fun with the signboard lettering.

Warning: If you are easily offended
STOP reading now.

I would have posted it on my facebook profile, but... ultra conservative people on my friend list might not approve.

It's not really appropriate for my fanpage either since I don't want to offend someone who just might maybe someday fork out a buck or ten for a  T-shirt.

It was just TOO amusing (to me anyways...) to not do anything with the photo I had to rush home and grab my camera to get.

So into the blog that noone reads!


Ready? Drum Roll please. (da da da da da)

I bet the suspense is killing you!