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Sunday, April 18, 2010

My 70th Post

 If you notice the time stamp on this blog post, you'll see that it's the very weeeeeeee hours of the morning.
I *should* be sleeping, but my lovely dog had to go out yet again for her middle of the night tinkle and couldn't let me dream for just  few more hours first. Old lady dogs and their bladders, you know.

While I was up anyways, I decided to pour myself a glass of O.J. and check on how things were going for me so far tonight. Or this morning. No sales on any merch, a couple new facebook fans, and since midnight I've made a whopping 2 cents on adsense.

A yipping coyote outside just let me know what he thinks about THAT!

Nothing going on that needs my attention so I'm gonna shuffle on back to bed and get some more shuteye.

So that was my seventieth post, about nothing, in the blog that noone reads :D