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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do ya GET it?

I uploaded a new design this morning that *I* thought was fairly easy to "Get". Comprend..ay?

Ok, so here it is.

Read the letters out slowly.

QT Pi Cutie Pie shirt
QT Pi Cutie Pie by CountryCorner
Get t-shirts from

PLEASE tell me you can understand that this says

Easy to see I am a cutie Pie.

Ok if you didn't "GET it" then take another look ..... or two ... or three....

still waiting.....

The last digit is a symbol for Pi.... please tell me you remember something from math class waaaaaay back!and most of the world say Z as ZEE not ZED. (except us crazy canadians!)

Easy to see I A Cutie....PIE...

... still don't get it? Ok, I bet yer mamma dropped you on your head a few times!