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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lunch With Mommy

I'm well past the age of calling my mother "Mommy" and haven't used that term  since my early teens when I was probably asking for something and pulling every stop. ;p  Kids do that - I was a good kid - but I did that.

Mom has past that milestone of 60 now, and has a few troubling medical issues that need attention. The last two months or so have been particularly busy with multiple appointments.   Mom doesn't drive any longer, so I take her to see Dr's and nurses in three different cities. No problem, she lives just a "hop, skip, and a jump" down the road (oh dear, that's an OLD lady expression isn't it?)  nix the old lady lingo - and replace it with   "she's in the 'hood, yo."

Today was one of those such days when I swung by her place and drove her over the hill and far away. It's a great time for us to just sit in my truck together and chit chat. Sometimes about something, most times about nothing.  That's the beauty of 45 minutes in close proximity together each way - added to any time spent in a waiting room. I am awful about keeping in touch with people I care about, and these trips together give us some time to get caught up. I should drive everyone in my family places!

Another perk is that we always go for lunch together somewhere. We have a few favorite places in each town that we hit on rotation, where I either get my favorite greek salad, or whatever beef steak type item is on special. Yum!

Love you Mom xox