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Friday, March 26, 2010

New Poo-eeys.

My grandpa was a neat old guy.He  had the oddest expressions that I remember just as well as the taste of the thrills gum he'd give us that tasted like soap, the beautiful music he made with his violin or saxophones, and the bags of hazelnuts he'd have hanging in nylon pantyhose in the basement to dry.

 If my sister and I wore perfume, we "stunk pretty", and if we got new shoes, they were "new Poo-eeys"

Still with me?

Ok, so what I'm really saying here is that I've designed some new shoes with a redneck theme and I think they're real darn nifty. In fact, these new Poo-eeys will stink pretty with that new shoe smell longer than that thrills gum tasted like soap (which was a loooong time)

Have a look see. Men's Hi-top style (good for women folk too) and a ladies/kids lace up version.

Check em out! Hi-Top KEDS   Lace Ups