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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Spring Forward!

I'm suffering the after effects of very little sleep and a beer or three too many for an old girl like me this past weekend after a wonderful visit from family. Add to that the loss of that precious hour of REM thanks to some sadistic authority that came up with daylight savings time. That single hour feels like a few more being the dreaded monday morning.

Today was also the first day our calves did not get their morning milk, since we are trying to wean them before the end of this last bag of milk replacer. Hank's big holstein head is almost too big to fit in the bucket now and he'll do just fine, but the three smaller ones, JimBob, Bessie and Delilah looked a little bit confused. Then again, cattle aren't exactly the smartest animals to roam the earth, so looking confused is to be expected.

I snapped this photo of Delilah which perfectly sums up how pissed they were today not to get warm milk in their bellies.

It's about how I'm feeling on this blah monday as well!