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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Cat Came Back

I looked out the bedroom window this morning with my blurry, sleep-filled eyes and thought I recognized a new but already familiar shape on the neighbour's field. Our little friend the bobcat was back!

I ran to the kitchen to grab my camera and stood out on the rear balcony in the shorts and Tshirt I that I had hastily thrown on  enroute and attempted to film it again. Let me tell you... it's pretty flippin cold out in early march!

Holding the camera stable and steady at full zoom is difficult to do under the best of circumstances, and even harder apparently when you're shaking from the cold. I got a few seconds of jittery and blurry cat and then tried to see it from the downstairs porch. No go there, so I trudged across the lawn and watched it for what seemed like eons from the fenceline, camera poised. Silent, but for my chattering teeth.

For 15-20 minutes I watched and photographed and filmed the beast crouching and expertly stalking something in the field before my whole body was beginning to turn blue and I had to go back inside. I never did see the bobcat actually strike or pounce, and once I had warmed up a little bit I was only able to watch it retreat back into the gully. Next time, maybe.

Who needs T.V? I've got my own little National Geographic program to watch right outside my window!