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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scrap that!

In my last post I was whining about losing 4 facebook fans. I check again today and VOILA! They are back... or perhaps I gained a different four. Months from now I probably wouldn't even notice, but I am STILL under 100 fans and I'm still actively trying to get some momentum going for the whole Redneck Hillbillies shindig so it grabbed my attention.

So ... delete... delete....delete.... my last post and let's get on with something else, shall we?

I think that's a grand idea, y'all.

With the magic number of 100 still just out of reach, I figured I'd post some "100" designs on this blog post just for the heck of it. Maybe I'll get some good Joo-Joo out of the deal and gain those 7 fans I need to break the first threshhold.

So here goes. First up... money. It might not make the world go around, but it sure makes the ride a little more fun, don't it?!?

I sure could use a few of them purty bills in MY pocket!

Next on the menu for this afternoon is a 100% Redhead Tee that I actually snorted to. I do tend to have a reddish tinge to my hair, which fades to a lovely orange when I try to dye it, so this one was a good fit.

One of my own 100 percent t-shirts. ... because what's better than being a redHEAD? why, being a redNECK instead!

and even though this is pink (bleck!) and it has flowers (double bleck!) and ain't rednecky in the slightest... I tthought this might appeal to the folks who like pink flowers and other gaggy girly stuff like that. I figure if I live to be 100 years old, I would love to get a card like this one which is actually very, very pretty.... just don't tell anyone I said that!

If you're a tree hugging, soybean eatin', health nut  vegan who only shops local and ain't seen the bottom of any bottle well then this is for y'all. Ok, I didn't really mean that. I grow only organic vegetables in my garden and we don't pump our cattle full of crap so I'm a weeeee bit organic. I fix that by drinking copious amounts of beer and sneaking the odd chemical laden, calorie rich chocolate bar! Straight to the behind is where all that garbage goes, but I do offer kudos to those of you who try harder than I do!

and for my final little plug, this nifty but very somber reminder that we are destroying our planet. Whether you think global warming is a farce or not, we are losing what makes our planet so awesome little by little. Check this out - you'll be glad you did.