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Friday, August 6, 2010

Monster Fish!

Mr. Redneckhillbillies hopped on the Honda FatCat dirtbike last night after work with his fishing rod and a small bag of tackle to toss a hook into the water.

pssst if you don't know what a FatCat is, go see the REDNECKHILLBILLIES on youtube. About five or six videos ago I posted a lengthy video about his little garage project. It's awesome. Go see it!

As I was saying...
He called me about an hour or so later telling me to bring a cooler down to the river because he'd just caught the biggest spring salmon of his life and there was no way he could bring it home on the motorcycle!

He wasn't kidding!

It was a buck (a male) and it was HEAVY. We didn't have any way to weigh it, but we guess it was probably in the neighbourhood of 35lbs, because it weighed about the same as a mitre saw which Mr. Redneckhillbillies is accustomed to carrying around.
What a beauty! For a fish, that is! Look at the size of its head! I cooked up just one steak from this fish for dinner tonight for a taste and four of us only ate half of it. I'm going to have to repackage the meat in smaller portions for our freezer!

Hmm maybe it's time to pick him up one of these fish whisperer tees!