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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back To School Poster Sale!

Zazzle has an amazing promotion on right now where you can save FORTY PERCENT on posters for your dorm room. (or your recroom, or your bedroom, your hallway, or your living area....)

Wow that's a screeeeammin deal.  Check it out here

I spent all morning making up some posters for the sale and although they aren't showing up in the marketplace yet I hope they are listed in time to take advantage of the added traffic before the sale ends!

Here are a few of my favorites, created from my photography.  I might even grab a couple of them!

or this one instead maybe? Maybe both of them! I really loved these two old vehicles when I saw them, and snapped dozens of photos.

My daughter took this photo in black and white of a beautiful old antique car on display at a car show. I made a poster of the full car, and then cropped it to just show the front grille. I think I like the one with just the vehicle's front end better!

I'm not just all about old junk - sometimes I take the odd nature or landscape photo too! Here's one of a trail that makes for a very  nice walk. Can you smell the fresh air and hear the ground crunch beneath your feet?

I think the vignette effect and the slightly out of focus blur caused by the horse's movement made this one seem almost magical. What do you think?

Walk With Me in the Garden print
Walk With Me in the Garden by CountryCorner
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