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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I love Bessie

 I bet you're expecting to see a post about some big ol' black and white milking cow.

Nope. Our Bessie is a Black Angus (perhaps a X) She is black, and hornless (polled) and has some of the characteristics of the Black Angus breed. Other than the fact that she is relatively calm and not like the fencebreaking black anguses we've had in the past! Of course, she's spunky enough to lead the other cattle around, but not stupid enough to try to push her way through 11 rows of barbwire and a string of electric fencing that separates the cows from my tasty garden!

For some unexplainable reason Black Angus is the popular choice these days. Not quite Kobe Beef, but if it's aged for 28 days and came from a Black Angus cow people equate that with quality. I'm ok with that!

Personally, I doubt there's a whole lot of difference between a full blood Angus and any other breed of meat cattle. Heck, even pure holstein tastes fantastic even if the cuts are smaller and the bones bigger.

The reason why I love my Bessie is because she's turning out to be quite popular on the Zazzle marketplace. I've sold her image on T-shirts, Hoodies, business cards, and hats.

Of course, it helps to have  a cheeky little phrase that's almost indecent along with her image ;p

You know what they say.... once you go black - you NEVER go back!

Yup, I love my sweet Bessie.