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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Road Trip!

Recently my lovely sister and I flew (or rather, drove very fast) up to a small town in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Keremeos, to be exact. Keremeos is a small town just up the crowsnest highway (#3) from places like Hedley and Princeton. It's a one school, one firehall, rural farms and orchards with fruit stands kind of retirement town.

I snapped some photos while I was up there that weren't full of goofy family smiles that could be used on products so I'll show them to you here.

First up: Bromley Rock. This was a rest stop by a creek or river ("Crick" if you ask me") with a big rock which I have to assume was THE Bromley Rock the site was named for. Well... maybe it was named after some guy who named the rock, which the park was named for..... ah, anyways as I was saying....

There was a row of unused park picnic tables and benches on a winding path overlooking the above mentioned rock that I thought looked inviting. Perhaps we may have stopped for a bite to eat beneath the shade of the overhanging branches if we had even a bit of food to eat and weren't in such a hurry.

We took care of what needed to be taken care of, and then set off into the mainstreet to grab some fresh fruit from one of the local fruit stands. There are many to choose from, but on this particular afternoon the old antique tractors parked infront of Parson's Fruit Stand caught my eye so it was there that we spent our money. A little bucket of cherries, a handful of peaches for myself, and a few salad dressings and apricots for my sister. All of the items YUMMY. If you're ever in Keremeos, I highly recommend this little fruit stand. Excellent, friendly staff, quality fruit and products at fair prices, and a whole bunch of antique and vintage knickknacks on display for people like me who just happen to love old junk!

Here are my favorites of the many photos I took of some of the old John Deere and other model tractors they had parked beneath the apple trees in their orchard along the main road out of town.

This one is older than dirt! Ok, so I am exaggerating just a weee bit - but it's definately an antique tractor!

And another old tractor! These old girls sure worked hard back in the day!

Surprise! Another old vintage farm tractor! What were you expecting?!?

Here's a nice shot of some unripened apples hanging on healthy, lush green leaved branches. Can't you almost smell the sweet/tart apples?

Thanks for hangin out with me while I re-enjoy a few of the special moments of my short time in this town full of mostly undiscovered treasures.