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Friday, August 6, 2010

Party Time!

What kind of party, you ask? You name it. Birthday parties, bbq parties, retirement parties, bachelorette parties, a party for nothing more than having a party.

Yesterday morning there was a request for party invitations on the Zazzle message boards. Dozens of excellent invitations for all kinds of celebrations were shown. The original poster apparently found all she needed in the first couple of hours. She didn't choose any of mine, (WAH!)  and used a few examples I wouldn't have personally chosen.

That's what makes Zazzle so great though - a very wide range of products to cater to all kinds of different people and tastes. What I think is awful will sell by the hundreds. What I think is beautiful, will sit on page 25, unviewed, unbought, and unloved. (shrug)

No problem! I'll  post the ones I would have chosen if it were me and the blog was mine. We'll just pretend for a minute that I am the bestest, greatest, most excellent-est invitation chooser and blog writer. I might even throw a couple redneck invitations in there for good measure if you're lucky.

*ahem* Here we go.
I'm not sure why I'm clearing my throat, I should be stretching my fingers instead... anyhoooo

A few generic invitations to start out with. Whatever the reason for the party, either of these would do.

This one is great for a baby or child birthday gathering, or it could be edited to work as a birth announcement or christening/baptism.

Did I say baby shower? OH, that's right ... I didn't! I love this little sock monkey baby shower invitation. So cute! I don't do "cute" so that says alot right there!

This funky and very stylish sweet 16 party invitation is perfect for your little sweetheart!

Birthdays for the sexy ladies is covered with this one
Red Shoes Invitation invitation
Red Shoes Invitation by claire_shearer
Browse invites available on

and one for the old man celebrating a milestone birthday

and some food related dinner party type invitations

wine beer or cocktails, anyone?

getting married?

Here are some bachelor, bachelorette, hen party, bridal shower type invitations.

Bought your first house? Whether it's your first or your tenth, these housewarming invitations will open your front door to all kinds of celebrating

if you've been married a while now, you may need one of these anniversary party invitations! Celebrate your many years together with one of these, perhaps?!

and when you're in the sunset season of your life, a retirement party is in order! Celebrate your retirement with a huge bash, and invite all your old cronie friends to come live it up with you!