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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Many Rednecks, Hicks, and Hillbillies acquire the nickname of BUBBA sooner or later. Mr. RedneckHillbillies has had the title for years now, and calls others by the name frequently. I, in fact, have even been called Bub on occasion, even though it is more suited to men.

I figured since it's a label, might as well make one! Not just any label though, it had to have that authentic redneck bubba kind of look.

Stained, crumpled, and ripped. That's pretty redneck and very Bubba. What else....

Duct Tape! Of course. Rednecks and Bubbas use this stuff for darned near everythin'. A little ducttape here, a wad of ducttape there, slap it on and smooth it out and Voila! That oughtta fix er up good.

Put Duct Tape together with stained, ripped and crumpled paper, and Bubba and you end up with something like this!