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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Full Blown Redneck

There are those that are just a weeeeeee bit redneck, and others that are full blown.The Redneck Hillbillies family falls somewhere in the middle!

Swing by our place any time of the year and we will have Christmas lights on the front porch. Even better is that half of each of the two strings is burnt out! Doesn't get any redneckier than that! Lifetime guarantee apparently doesn't apply to people who use their holiday lighting all year long!

 The Mr. has been known as "Bubba" or "Bub" for short for years now, and "Y'all" is a commonly used greeting around our neck of the woods.  We have all kinds of dirty rednecky projects on the go, and some junk out in the yard including a broken down vehicle. We even have a few pairs of gumboots and probably an empty beer bottle at the door and a couple dogs under the porch. A blow up pool full of greenish algae water completes the picture.

Ah, we're living the dream.

Kinda like these folks:

These lucky son-of-a-guns have an old van, a beat up pickup truck AND a trailer! They even have a clothesline stretched between two vehicles, and unmowed grass. Perfectly Redneck! Actually, it would be better if the van was an old muscle car up on blocks. :D

So for the full blown, completely, irreversibly, 100 percent redneck folks out there I came up with this beee-u-ttteee

and for the redneck woman - or WHOA- MAN as Bub likes to say: