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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crying to Get Out

The other day I saw a facebook friend had liked the following statement. I of course LOL'd at it and liked it also...

"Inside me is a skinny woman crying to get out... but I can usually shut the bitch up with cookies!"

That was just too good to pass up, so I made a t-shirt with a tamed down version and chose a suitable not-stick-thin model to put it on. Since the majority of the Zazzle models are super beautiful and about a size ZERO it would be hard to imagine them even eating a bite of a cookie much less stuffing their pretty little faces with them to shut up the nagging whiner inner skinny.

of course, it's been done before. However, from the examples showing up on the recommended items they are all just regular centered text typed on the front of a shirt with no thought to formatting. Who knows, maybe mine will slowly move through the masses and get a spot in the first couple of pages.

Then I made a version for the men. It's not just us women afterall with bulging midsections - the menfolk have some issues too, and they tend to carry it all in the belly. Oh sure, they can try to hide it with a big old shiny belt buckle but they ain't foolin' nobody. We all know they've been shutting up their inner skinny with a whole lotta sumpthin'!

Then I figured hmmm what else can I do with this while I am sitting here? How about something for those people who are their inner child, and have a responsible adult way down deep inside? I figured this would be great for college and dorm life, or the 40 yr old who's still at the local honkey tonk sippin whiskey until the wee hours of a work day (or downing a few beers as the T-shirt implies!)

 I just have to come up with a female version of it. ... but what would make the responsible adult woman inside stop crying? Drinks? Shopping? CREDIT!? Shoes? Dancing?