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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


  It is amazing how much useless $h!t people can accumulate when they have space to dump it.

A large room downstairs was used as a workshop for the last four years while we renovated our home and built a garage. Lately it has been little more than our put-it-there-and-forget-about-it place - and it was time to dig our way through the mess last night. Simplify! Minimize! Purge! Whatever the buzz words are these days, it all comes down to deciding what you want to keep, and how much clutter you can throw away.

I should have taken a photo of the BEFORE just so you can fully grasp what had to be taken out of there.

Broken tools that were kept to fix or for spare parts but in all likelihood will never be touched again in our lifetime. A tent missing pieces and with a zipper that doesn't close.  An old buffet that served as a toolbox with doors and drawers that never quite closed properly. Bits and pieces of every project we've done - some slate pieces, some granite chunks, fireplace rock, and of course piles of wood in many different types and sizes. Bits of wire, extra parts and pieces and blades. Half used dried out tubes of caulking. Tape with maybe 3' remaining on the roll. I've got a full load in the truck headed for the dump out of that mess.

Here's where it's at now. An empty slate just waiting for some life to be breathed into it. The kids and I want it to be painted a bright and lively color (the rest of our house is calm and neutral so why not have fun in the one room intended to be fun?) We're still workin' on the Mr. with that ;p

Flooring! Paint! Furniture!
So many possibilities.