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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free is GOOD!

Gleaning. Scrounging. No matter what you call it, the end result is the same: Free Stuff!

Now I'll be the first to admit that we suffer at times from an extreme case of "packratus maximus." There's stuff we've been packing around forever that we'll never use. This time, however - is a different scenario entirely!

Today we hooked the flatdeck trailer onto the truck and headed out west to pick up a large amount of perfectly good metal cladding. A large barn on a family member's property was being renovated and before they took it off to the dump or tried to sell it, they wondered if anyone could use it. It was in nearly perfect shape, in long lengths, and was *really* close to the color of our home.

It was free for the taking if we wanted it. If we wanted it. Seriously? Of course we wanted it! YAHOO!

As an added bonus, when we arrived this morning (admittedly later than we had originally planned but still during breakfast hours) we discovered that more than half had already been unscrewed and stacked neatly in a pile for us. Double YAHOO!

 We will put it to good use, we assure you! It'll more than likely end up being used to build a chicken coop and a shelter for our hardworking old antique tractor to keep it out of the weather.

Speaking of tractors, while we were there we checked out this old Farmall tractor. Wonder of wonders - they found this old relic  buried amongst the blackberries in the back 40. Somebody actually parked this thing and left it! Crazy!

They're not sure if it runs or not, but I'm sure if  it did and they cleaned it up a little that it would belong in a parade or antique tractor show of some kind! I know I'd be putting it out front in the garden as a lawn ornament if it doesn't.

Yup, Free is Good!