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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drywall. UGH!

Drywall is  my absolute least favorite part of home renovations. Thankfully this future recroom  is the last room of our home that needs to be finished. I will be doing a celebratory dance and breathing a sigh of relief so loud that the neighbours will hear me when it's finally through.  Each time I load the mudbuddy bucket with goop I get a clearer understanding of why wall panelling was so popular in the 70's. How quick and easy that must have been back in the day.

Never done drywall? Spare yourself the agony and hire someone who knows what they're doing if you want to maintain your sanity.

First is the boarding. Those 4x8 sheets are pretty darn heavy when you're standing on a ladder holding them above your head while the hubby hurries to screw it on before your arms give out. The first one is heavy, the tenth one is unbearably heavy. He did an excellent job measuring and cutting out openings for the electrical outlets though so the next steps will be a little easier.
Next comes the taping. The Mr. did the taping this time around so we can get a move on. Never taped? Well it's a joy, I tell you. First you have to unroll the tape in the bucket of well mixed, slightly watered down mud. Pull out a length and smear off most of the mud, Slap it on the wall joint, smoothing it out as best as you can. It's a very messy job. Somehow he managed to keep relatively clean. I went behind him loading mud and smoothing out the tape with a drywall knife and ended up with more mud on my clothes than on the wall I'm sure.

Next comes the mudding. This is  always my job. A wall is supposed to be paint ready in three coats of applying and sanding. The whole idea is to put the mud on in such a way that very little sanding is required. My first few tries at this were horribly painful. Slop it on, Sand it off, Slop it on, Sand it off - repeat indefinately. After 9/10th of our house, I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.

As long as you don't look too close :D