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Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Redneck Hillbillies Website!!

The Redneck Hillbilles have a new home on the WWW that ya'll should check out!

Although we're still small and relatively unknown, I figured I'd snag the domain while it was still available.  Big Plans..... Big Plans.  I've gotten a head start on making a "real" site since the same domain without a "THE" is nothing more than a link farm.

It ain't much right now, but I'm working diligently to get things in order.  So far we have links to our YouTube videos and this Blog,  as well as a few Redneck themed T-shirts, license plates and hats. Eventually there will be many more items featured on the site, some jokes and sayings, perhaps some photos.

I really hope to produce our very own Redneck Hillbillies merchandise down the road. If for nothing else, so our kids can head off to school wearing official RNH clothing ;p

Proud to be a little bit Redneck and a whole lotta Hillbilly.